Next Generation AI Deep Learning Platform

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Prochaine Platform Architecture

Machine Learning, Language Processing, Image Processing, Facial Recognition, Speech Recognition, Non Speech Analysis, Unstructured Data Analysis,Video Analysis, Integrated with Hadoop, MapReduce,Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, Storm, Spark, and/or Kafka. Customizable for javascript frameworks like JQuery React, Angular,ExtJS, Backbone, Ember.

Prochaine Features

  • Banking
  • Legal Operations Mgmt
  • Loyalty Mgmt
  • HeatlhCare Patient Analysis
  • Smart Cities
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Oil Refinery

Use Cases


  • Digital Payments
  • Airlines Customer Loyalty Program
  • Earthquake Disaster Analysis
  • Tsunami and Floods Analysis
  • Casino Customer Loyalty Program
  • Oil Refinery Data Analysis
  • Telecom Customer Churn Analysis
  • Legal Documents Processing
  • Banking Regulations Management

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