Mobile Application Development Platform

  • Design Studio

    Mobility Development Studio has support for mobile applications built on various devices - Apple IPhone, Google Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Tablets - IPad. The studio has a drag and drop user interface builder and service studio for integrating services with the user interface bound controls.

  • Social Engine

    Social store, social shopping and social genome are the engine capabilities. Social genome features are related to people/product/topic/place/event associations. People are associated with friends and followers. Product will be correlated to the other products. Product availability is associated with the place. Place and the events happening at that place are associated

  • Multi Channel Context Engine

    The multi-channel contextual engine will process the event and the information associated. The contextual engine will have the messaging, event processing, web services and analytics capabilities. The solution patterns related to event processing are sequential, aggregate, on-off, missing, window, correlations and nested events.

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