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IOT Reference Architecture

Solution Architecture

The IOT solution toolkit targets IOT cloud, IOT middleware, IOT physical web, IOT firewalls and intrusion detection systems. The implementation goals are to improve productivity,security, cost and efficiency. Typical challenges which architect corner can help overcome enterprises for IOT solution adoption are big data information, unstructured data,security issues, privacy issues,compliance issues, rapid change in technology and evolving standards.

IOT IDE: Rudra Studio

IOT Development Studio (Rudra Studio) has support for Client Implementations of the MQTT protocol,Lua Runtime providing HW abstraction and other services,Embedded Luna Development,Java/OSGI based scada development,Java/OSGI based M2M container for gateways,Implementation of MQTT and MQTT-SN protocols in C, M2M/IOT (COAP/MQTT),Smart Home,ETSI M2M,COAP protocol (java) and LWM2M (C).

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